Wood Shingles vs. Cedar Shingles: Which is Better?

Wood Shingles vs. Cedar Shingles: Which is Better?

When it comes to roofing options, the choices can be overwhelming. You want a roof that not only protects your home but also enhances its curb appeal. Two popular options that often come up in this debate are wood shingles and cedar shingles. Both have their merits and unique characteristics, but which one is the better choice for your home? In this article, we’ll break down the key factors, from aesthetics to maintenance, to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in.

Aesthetics Matter

Beauty in Natural Materials

Wood Shingles

Let’s delve deeper into the aesthetics of wood shingles. These shingles have a timeless appeal that goes beyond just looks. They exude a warm and inviting look that feels like a cozy embrace from nature itself. When you choose wood shingles, you bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home. The natural wood grain and earthy tones create a genuine, rustic charm that’s hard to replicate with other materials. Imagine the comforting feeling of a log cabin nestled in the woods – that’s the essence wood shingles can bring to your home.

Cedar Shingles

Now, let’s talk about cedar shingles. They take aesthetics to the next level. With their rich, reddish-brown hues, cedar shingles create a striking visual contrast that immediately adds character to your home’s exterior. The deep, warm tones of cedar give your house a sense of luxury and distinction. Cedar shingles are often seen as a premium choice, and it’s no wonder why. They can transform your home into a work of art, making a statement that sets it apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

A Matter of Personal Taste

Which one suits your style?

Choosing between wood and cedar shingles ultimately boils down to your personal taste. Do you find yourself drawn to the classic and cozy feel of wood, where every glance at your roof reminds you of the serene beauty of the countryside? Or perhaps you’re inclined towards the bold and luxurious look of cedar, making a grand entrance for your home and announcing its presence with elegance? It’s all about what resonates with you and complements your home’s overall design.

Imagine your home as a canvas, and your choice between wood and cedar shingles as the brushstroke that defines its character. Your roof is more than just a covering; it’s an expression of your unique style and personality. Whether you lean towards the warm embrace of wood or the opulence of cedar, the decision is yours to make, and it’s a decision that can truly transform the way your home looks and feels.

Durability and Longevity

Battle of the Elements

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles, while beautiful, are susceptible to weathering. They can warp, rot, or decay over time, especially in humid or rainy climates. Proper maintenance is key to extending their lifespan.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles, on the other hand, are naturally resistant to decay and insects. They contain oils that act as a protective barrier, making them highly durable. With regular maintenance, cedar shingles can last for decades.

Which one stands the test of time?

In terms of durability, cedar shingles have a clear advantage. They can withstand the elements and maintain their beauty for a longer period, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Time and Effort

Wood Shingles

To keep wood shingles looking their best, you’ll need to invest time and effort in maintenance. This includes periodic inspections, cleaning, and staining to prevent decay and weathering.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles require less maintenance compared to their wood counterparts. The natural oils in cedar act as a preservative, which means you’ll spend less time and money on upkeep.

Which one is easier to maintain?

Cedar shingles win the maintenance battle. They offer beauty without the hassle, making them a practical choice for homeowners who value aesthetics but have a busy lifestyle.

Environmental Considerations

Eco-Friendly Options

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are often considered eco-friendly as they are a renewable resource. However, the sustainability of wood shingles depends on responsible forestry practices.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles come from the cedar tree, known for its sustainability. Cedar forests are typically well-managed, making cedar shingles an environmentally conscious choice.

Which one is more environmentally responsible?

Both wood and cedar shingles have green credentials, but cedar shingles get a slight edge due to cedar’s reputation for sustainable harvesting.

Cost Comparison

Dollars and Cents

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are generally more affordable upfront, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious homeowners. However, remember that ongoing maintenance costs can add up over time.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles come with a higher initial cost. Still, when you factor in their durability and reduced maintenance needs, they often prove cost-effective in the long run.

Which one fits your budget?

Consider your budget not only for installation but also for long-term ownership. While wood shingles may be cheaper initially, cedar shingles could save you money in the long term.

Wood Shingles Pros and Cons

The Good and the Bad


  • Natural beauty and warmth.
  • Initial cost savings.
  • Can be stained to match your desired color.
  • Environmentally friendly if sourced responsibly.


  • Susceptible to weathering and decay.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Lifespan is shorter compared to cedar.

Cedar Shingles Pros and Cons

The Upside and Downside


  • Striking visual appeal.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Environmentally responsible choice.


  • Higher initial cost.
  • Limited color options.
  • May require professional installation.

Making Your Decision

Now that we’ve explored the key factors of wood shingles vs. cedar shingles, it’s time to make your decision.

Consider the following:

  • Your aesthetic preferences.
  • Your budget for both installation and long-term ownership.
  • The climate and weather conditions in your area.
  • Your commitment to regular maintenance.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Both wood and cedar shingles have their merits, and the right choice for you will depend on your unique circumstances and priorities.


In the eternal debate of wood shingles vs. cedar shingles, there’s no clear winner. It all comes down to what matters most to you and your home. If you value timeless beauty and are willing to invest in maintenance, wood shingles may be your choice. However, if you seek a durable and low-maintenance option with striking aesthetics, cedar shingles could be the way to go.

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